After completing his college musical studies, Paul sought the challenge of trying to compete on the national level in the recording entertainment industry. Nashville, TN. ("was the place you ought to be") so Paul packed up his life and limited experience and moved.

The first notable recording artist he performed with was Stella Parton, (Dolly's sister) and went on national tours as well as European tours as first a drummer, then as a keyboard player, bandleader and vocalist. The next job was with Lee Greenwood of "God Bless the U.S.A" fame, and the list began to grow from there to 50 + major names in the professional music field. Many United States and European tours followed, and even to the Caribbean as a featured star performer in his own right. Paul performed in every one of the continuous 48 states, at concerts, State Fairs, County Fairs, conventions, and special events. Paul has traveled to Central America frequently. He notes that "the area has changed a great deal" since the 1980's.

Paul was a part of the TNN television network shows, "Prime Time Country" on air 1996 to 1999, "Ralph Emery Show" & "The Grand Ole Opry."

Paul traveled nationwide and in Europe to the Caribbean to do his own concerts and personal appearances.

Barbara Fairchild of "Teddy Bear Song" fame contacted Paul in Nashville in March of 2000 and asked him to come to Branson, MO. to join her theater show. After nearly 20 years of almost constant traveling, this seemed like a good idea. The Ozarks is a beautiful area, and there the crowds come to the performers and the entertainers go home to sleep in their own beds at night, this idea appealed to Paul.

After one season with Barbara Fairchild, she made an administrative decision to discontinue her show for the spring 2001. Paul auditioned for a brand new show starting at "Branson U.S.A. Amusement Park" called the "Magnificent 7", and was selected to be one of the seven featured performers in this unique show the like of which Branson had never seen.The opening was covered by ABC television in an "Academy Award" style gala, and had drawn national attention till the departure of most of the original cast by the end of 2002. The original show was produced by internationally known producer Chisai Childs, and had met with rave reviews from the press. The show in it's present form in quality, talent, structure and management does not resemble the true award winning "Magnificent 7 show" of 2001.  Neither Paul or Chisai are now with the show.  

In 2004 Paul worked
for the legendary performer "Andy Williams" at his beautiful Branson "Moon River Theater" It was an experience of a life time for Paul. Paul returned to work for Andy in 2007 & 2008 after extended tours with other Pop Legends.
Andy Williams died in 2012 and will be greatly missed by the music world.

Paul performed with "Tony Melendez & The Toe Jam Band." in 2005 through 2007 as his schedule permitted. The group has toured extensively worldwide in recent years. "Tony Melendez Ministries" is known throughout the world for it's ministry through music and his "Gift of Hope" spreading encouragement, and challenging the audience to use all they have and to be all they can be for the Kingdom of God. Tony was commissioned by the Catholic Pope in 1987 "to give this hope to all the people."
Paul also was chosen for a part in the "Promise Theater"
production "Two From Galilee" a professional theater company
and in the fall of 2001, performed a lead role.

On October 28th, 2001 at the gala "Branson Music Awards" the "Magnificent 7" show won the award for best new show!!! The group won several other musical awards and Paul won "Piano Player" of the year 2002. Paul continued with the show through March of 2003, as an offer came to star in his own production elsewhere and his position as a '"Magnificent 7" was eliminated. Paul was voted "Entertainer of the Year" 2003 for "Dinner Theater Show." Paul proudly displays the awards and cherishes the "Branson" experience.

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