PAUL was born in Aurora, IL. in the 1960's. A son of hard working parents, his mother was an immigrant from Germany and his father a U.S. veteran. Paul was the youngest of three boys, all of whom played sports, performed in music, (his brothers never reached professional caliber) and participated in church activities, and learned to love the Lord.  Brother Chuck passed 2007, oldest brother Verne 2010. His mother and father, both pretty fair singers, encouraged Paul, but were never performers or professional singers in their own right, nor did they play musical instruments. Father Verne passed 1988.
Paul's aunt Delores was instrumental in encouraging his musical education and development. She was a superior academic tutor , as well as important Christian role model. Frequent trips to voice & piano lessons, concerts, parade marches, plays, operas, and ball games kept a busy schedule for this loving aunt! Delores passed away October 13th 2012. She is greatly missed by all who knew her and loved her. Paul became active in opera, and did his first three productions in high school under the direction of renown conductor and educator Sten Halfvarson of Illinois fame. Sten was the catalyst that launched Paul's interest in music and desire to pursue music as a full time career. Sten taught Paul far more than music. Sten taught discipline, excellence, self motivation, and building blocks to a solid character. Under Mr. Halfvarson's direction Paul won 4 times first place "Male Vocalist" of the year for the IMEA.

Paul move on to higher education in music in the areas of voice and composition. After completing those studies he moved to Nashville, TN.

Paul wants to take this opportunity to thank and show great gratitude to the musical educators that have added so much to his life.

Drum Instructors: Mike & Pat Murphy & Jeff Drake. Voice Instructors: Charlotte Piechel & Sten Halfvarson & Jim Allison. Piano Instructors: Peggy Erwin, Dorothy Spring, Elaine Jones, Roberta Chambers and Dino Kartsonakas.
Composition Instructor: Jeff Colleen.

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